Cold Rooms Lewes

If you are looking for effective cold storage for your business, contact STR. We are specialists in the upgrade or repair of cold room, giving you outstanding spaces. All of our installs are catered to your needs and give you the ideal solution.
Cold Rooms Lewes

Cold Rooms in Lewes, Sussex

Welcome to STR.

We take pride in being experts in the provision of commercial refrigeration. We have carried out projects across the South East, and we have a dedicated team of F-Gas certified engineers who can provide, fit and replace any type of refrigerated solutions for a variety of different customers. We provide all clients with excellent service and we are proud that this has lead to many 5 star testimonials.

Custom Designs

Unlike many of our competitors, we can build you either a bespoke construction, or a modular cold storage space. This means that if you want a pre-designed space for your company, or you want something that will fit your needs in a more customised way, we can help you with your exact specifications. We can take care of every element of the install and we can also provide you with comprehensive servicing after the fitting, so you can have faith that your cold room will always be working efficiently.

If you are looking for a more tailor designed cold room, we can design it around your specific needs, to make sure that you have a cost effective and energy efficient system that is fit for it's purpose. We can offer many different solutions, which includes double stacked refrigeration and shock freezers. We have installed cold rooms in a range of sectors, including supermarkets, industrial units and other specialist arenas, like clinical organisations.

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What is a Cold Room?

It is essential for many businesses to have a space that is temperature controlled for a range of reasons. Being able to control the temperature of a room means that certain products can be protected from expiring and it also means that things that need a consistent temperature can be stored effectively.

We are dedicated to working closely with our customers, from the start to finish of the build of your cold storage unit. Each of the cold storage setups that we build is constructed using exceptional materials, which are expertly fitted by our highly experienced engineers. We always follow the latest regulations for hygiene, building and safety, so you know your room will be built perfectly.

Should I Choose Cold Storage or a Freezer Room?

As a rule, if you need a cold room to be kept less than 0 degrees C, then it's likely that you'll need a freezer room instead. If you need to go as cool as -40oC, a freezer room is the right option. Chilled rooms usually have a temperature between 0c up to 5c. For further information on chill and freezer rooms, contact us today.

Our Services

Regular maintaining your cold room is an essential way to make sure that it always works optimally and to help limit the risk of breaking down or any down time, which can both be costly. Our thoroughly trained technicians can rectify any issues in your cold room, as well as providing a maintenance programme, to ensure that everything always works at the optimal level.

24/7 Emergency Service for Cold Rooms

If your space needs an instant repair, out of hours, we offer an emergency service that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know how crucial time is when your cold room goes wrong. We will come to your premises or property and rectify the problems as quickly as possible.

For further details on cold rooms in Lewes, or air conditioning for homes and businesses, call us today on 01323 833433 or email

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