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STR are cold room specialists, designing, installing and maintaining walk in freezers and cold rooms for clients across Sussex, Kent and Surrey.
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Walk in Freezer Room Design & Installation

STR take pride in offering an extensive commercial refrigeration service, catering to businesses across the regions of East and West Sussex, Kent, and Surrey. Our committed team comprises friendly, in-house engineers, all F-Gas qualified, with a collective expertise that spans designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining various commercial refrigeration systems.

Commercial Refrigeration Services

Our service extends to both modular and custom-built walk-in freezers, where our skilled technicians seamlessly manage the entire process from initial design to installation. Furthermore, we provide ongoing maintenance services, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your walk in freezer.

Solutions for Every Sector

At STR, we work with businesses from a diverse range of sectors. Whether it's supermarkets, large industrial units, or specialised clinical environments, our expertise is versatile to meet the distinct refrigeration needs of each sector.

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The Benefits of a Walk In Freezer Room

Walk-in freezers, also known as cold rooms, play a crucial role in protecting temperature-sensitive items from contamination or spoilage. They provide businesses from many sectors with an optimal environment for cold storage, offering a cost-effective and thermally-efficient alternative to more expensive options.

Adherence to Regulations

Working closely with you throughout the process, our internal design team begin with an initial consultation all the way through to the final construction phase. We utilise high quality materials for all of our cold room and temperature-controlled unit builds, ensuring compliance with the latest hygiene, building, and fire safety standards.

Chiller or Freezer Room?

We specialise in the construction, design, and maintenance of both chill and freezer rooms. Our services are tailored to your temperature requirements, with freezer rooms maintained at lower temperatures than chill rooms. Our team will customise your room to meet your specifications. Typically, chill rooms maintain temperatures between 0°C to 5°C, while freezer rooms can reach as low as -40°C.

Cold Room Repair & Maintenance

Ensuring the consistent maintenance of your walk-in cold room is paramount to preventing potential downtime. Our team of expert technicians specialises in providing maintenance and repair services for cold rooms across the South East. We are committed to delivering an efficient and reliable service to keep your cold room operating at optimal efficiency.

Emergency Call-Out Service - 24/7

Recognising the urgency that comes with unexpected breakdowns, our 24/7 emergency repair service is ready to assist with any issues that may arise outside of regular operating hours. Time is crucial when you are dealing with cold room malfunctions and whilst such occurrences are rare, it's imperative to have a reliable company on standby to promptly resolve any issues.

For immediate assistance or to schedule routine maintenance, please contact us today at 01323 833433 or via email at hello@strlimited.co.uk. Our team is ready to ensure the seamless operation of your walk-in cold room.

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